Recap: Mentor Breakfast

Recap: Mentor Breakfast

By Alyssa Lyons




The Senior Project had its kickoff on Tuesday, October 8; Mentors joined the senior class for breakfast in the MPR.  The breakfast is the next step in the project process after each student was assigned a mentor. More than eighty mentors attended the breakfast. Mentors ranged from Seton teachers, alumni and or those who specialize in the particular field of work. Since this was the first meeting for most, it was a “get to know each other” environment.

First impressions are said to be everything, but for Senior Nicole Ruffing meeting her mentor was, “one that will stick with me forever.” Ruffing’s senior project revolves around cosmetology, she said, “I had a lot of fun meeting and talking with Colleen Herman, a cosmetologist. I can’t wait to spend more time with my mentor!” Students will continue to meet with each other throughout the course of the project leading up to presentations.

Seton English teacher, Christine Brookbank, is also the Senior Project Coordinator. Brookbank said, “This was a great opportunity for students to network with their mentors and other professionals”. This is the third annual year of the Senior Project, for many, this may be their first time mentoring a student; others have mentored from years past.  For those whom have not met their mentor yet, enjoy getting to know your mentor!



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