Baby Shower at Seton

Baby Shower at Seton

By Rachel Richter

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On Tuesday, October 15 the Saints for Life club held their annual baby shower!  This exciting event took place from 3-5 after school in Seton’s library, including fun baby games, speakers, food, and interactive activities.  The entire school – not just the Saints for Life club – was invited to this annual event in order to raise awareness and support for unborn babies.

The Saints for Life club is a pro-life club, and this event was all about celebrating life. What better way to celebrate life than with a baby shower? This baby shower symbolized the joy and happiness that babies and life bring to the world.  The club members exposed the harsh and unnatural realities of abortion in order to delineate the importance of life.

This was not a baby shower for one baby in particular, but rather for all the babies whose families are in need of help.  All attendants brought $5 and a baby gift to this baby shower.  The gifts and money raised at this event were donated to two charities.  Some of the money and gifts were donated to Pregnancy Center West, a Christian pro-life ministry offering assistance with pregnancy-related services.  The other items were donated to Living Hope Transitional Homes, a haven for homeless women and children.

Saints for Life club members look forward to this event every year, as it is always filled with fun, excitement, and cake!  Senior Sami Pragar, one of the Saints for Life board members who planned this event, explains, “We just really want people to understand that prayer really does help and make a difference in people’s lives.”  Pragar inspired others with her motivational wisdom as she reflected, “We are all so lucky to have grown up in a world where people care about us, and spiritually adopting an unborn child is an admirable way to do the same for another.”  Pragar and a few other students and guests spoke to the group of over 60 attendants.  The event was an overall success and the attendants truly enjoyed and got a lot out of the speakers and activities.

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