How to: Prepare for Auditions

How to: Prepare for Auditions

By Kelly Gallagher


The upcoming auditions for Seton’s musical Shrek were this past Wednesday, October 16 and yesterday, Thursday, October 17. Many might be asking themselves, “How do I prepare myself for this audition?” There are several steps in order to have a successful tryout to be casted for Shrek.  First of all, make sure to know the audition date and where it will take place. It is important to understand what is expected for the character’s role. Make sure to know how to perform the lines and have them memorized. Most importantly, it is fine to be nervous, but don’t let it take over. American author, Seth Godin, once said “You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” Remember to have all audition materials gathered the night before the tryouts in order to avoid a breakout of chaos. Take calming, deep breaths and after finished, be patient and don’t over-analyze the performance. Stay determined and remember every audition strengthens the performer for the next.

Seton’s music director, Mary Beth Samoya, shares her insight on students being nervous and the musical as well. “It is normal to be nervous, it’s more important that the students are confident and animated and show us their strengths in an audition. You can take advantage of that nervousness and use it to make a better audition. Regarding the show, we have a large amount of talent this year and I look forward to casting the show and starting rehearsals soon. The rights were just released and we are the first West Side school to do the musical show Shrek.” Seton looks forward to see Seton and Elder perform Shrek and best of luck to everyone auditioning.


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