Seton Dance Teams Perform at Light the Night

Seton Dance Teams Perform at Light the Night

By Katie Lehan

Light the Night

On October 10, Seton High School’s dance teams, the Highlighters, made their way downtown to Sawyer Point to perform at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk.  According to the Light the Night website, this non-profit organization hosts this walk every year to help fund therapies and treatment advances for blood cancer patients as well as raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma cure research.  People are invited to raise and donate money prior to the walk as well as taking part in the actual night’s activities to help raise money for the cause.

It’s true that the Light the Night walk is another chance for the Highlighters to perform their routines in front of an audience with no judges, but they say that it’s way more than just practice for them.  Varsity dancer Rice Klauke said, “I always love performing at the Light the Night walk because every year is a fun and new experience and it’s a major plus that it all goes towards a great cause!”  Junior dancer Jessica Lee agrees with Klauke and adds, “I thought it was very inspiring seeing all the children and adults that have either suffered the loss of a loved one through Leukemia or Lymphoma or ones that have beat the cancers themselves.  I felt good after performing because I knew that I was giving the gifts God gave me to help other people and bring them joy.”

The Highlighters have been the only form of entertainment at the Light the Night walk for seven years.  According to varsity dance coach, Jill Lamey, Seton got involved performing through the former Mount Notre Dame dance team coach.  Lamey said, “She was a cancer survivor as a kid and very involved with the West Chester Walk earlier in the summer. Her team always performed at that event and she asked us if we would like to get involved with the Cincinnati/Sawyer Point Walk. We thought it was an awesome cause and several people in our program at the time had family who either previously had Leukemia/Lymphoma or were battling it at that time so we thought it was a great fit. We have been performing there ever since.”  Both the coaches and dancers agree that it an enjoyable night and that they look forward to performances in years to come.


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