Alyssa Lyons- Seton’s Sports Broadcaster

Alyssa Lyons- Seton’s Sports Broadcaster

By Ally Kampel


Senior Alyssa Lyons is making her mark on Seton with her Senior Project.  Lyons expressed that it has always been a passion of hers to broadcast and that sports broadcasting has always been an option at Seton, but has never been pursued by anyone.  The sports broadcast will either be on Seton’s webpage, Seton’s online Newspaper, The Seton Connection, or on a totally a different site.  Scores will be updated for each sport after every game on the website.  Creating an online sports page would mean videotaping the sporting events at Seton and live streaming them on the website.  Lyons has been working with the managers of the sports teams at Seton and with Dave Rapien, who videotapes and streams Elder games onto Elder’s website.

Lyons hopes this project will be up and running by basketball season in November. Her main goal is to produce the largest production of women’s sports on the Westside of Cincinnati.  She states, “This will be a direct site available to alumni coaches and family members. This has always been important thing to my life and I’d like for it to continue when I leave Seton. Mr. McKinney and I have worked on developing the page thus far and it should be available starting in November. This will be a student run product with the help of the Seton publication students and staff.  It will be the first real spotlight on women athletics on the Westside of Cincinnati.”

Lyons has big goals for her Senior Project and hopes that this endeavor will continue for years to come at Seton.  Good luck Alyssa!

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