From Cincinnati to Hawaii: Jessica Leonard

From Cincinnati to Hawaii: Jessica Leonard

Alyssa Lyons


After completing the Iron Man this past September, Seton staff member and grad, Jessica Leonard vacationed in Hawaii. Except this was no ordinary vacation to say the least.

After each Iron Man Leonard competes in, she sees to a period of relaxation, a trip to Hawaii. While on vacation, Leonard proceeds to volunteer for the Iron Man Championships. She said, “After my first race in 2009, I have been volunteering ever since”. Leonard prepared for her period of volunteering Wednesday and Friday leading up to the race on Saturday. The first job she was given was athlete check-in. She later volunteered to help with the races’ physically challenged athletes. This included course transition and bike catching. Course transition involves making sure that the athlete’s transition from one event to another goes smoothly. Bike catching is when the competitor is finished with the biking portion of the race, a person is there to receive their bike so that they may move on to the next event.

Although she was volunteering for the race, she was also spending time to raise money for her favorite charity, Girls on the Run. Leonard took a bike helmet around to athletes for their signature, to be auctioned off later this year at her indoor triathlon. She said, “I was able to get signatures from famous triathletes, and other notable athletes. Hines Ward from the Pittsburgh Steelers even signed my helmet!”

Leonard is currently planning her second indoor triathlon and duathlon, another sponsored event that fundraises for Girls on the Run. The triathlon will include a ten minute timed pool swim, a twenty minute spin bike, and a fifteen minute treadmill run/walk. The duathlon includes a fifteen minute timed treadmill, followed by a twenty minute spin bike, and with a closing of a fifteen minute treadmill. This will take place on December 15, 2013 at the Western Hills Mercy Health Plex. For more information, a flyer will be posted shortly.

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