New Class, New Opportunities

New Class, New Opportunities

By Monica Lepper


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This year at Seton, freshman have a new required class; freshman focus. All freshmen starting this 2013-2014 school year, must take freshman focus to help them grow at Seton and in life. Unless you’re a freshman or a teacher of this class, much information on this class may be an unknown.

What is this class all about?

This class teaches everything from technology skills to study skills. It encourages freshman to get involved in school. Other topics studied include leadership skills, social issues, stereotyping, and bullying.   Another purpose of this class is to make freshman feel comfortable and a part of Seton.

The class is taught by Mrs. Courtney Gilday, Mr. Randy Schroeder, Ms. Mary Agricola, Mrs. Monica Williams-Mitchell, Mr. Al Kovacic and Mrs. Jan Linz. The teachers think this class has a lot of positive aspects. Gilday said, “I think it’s going great, it really helps the freshman to feel like they’re apart of Seton’s culture and empowers them to have leadership as freshman. A couple of them are starting clubs which shows great leadership.”  Schroeder said, “I like it. Students are very positive. The kids are doing a great job. The class does not include much academic pressure because it is a pass/fail class and it brings about self-awareness.”


Freshman Megan Ruffing believe that freshman focus has enabled her to make more friends that she can share her Seton journey with. Along with classmate bonding, her peers and herself are also are taught about plagiarism, study habits and other life lessons that can help them succeed throughout their Seton experience.

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