Testing Day

Testing Day

By Taylor Morano




On Wednesday, October 16 the freshman, sophomores, and juniors at Seton participated in a testing day, while seniors either went on a college visit, job shadowed, or worked on their senior project. The freshman students took the Explore test,sophomores took the PLAN, and juniors took the PSAT. These tests are given to help Seton students prepare for future testing.

The Explore and the PLAN tests allow students to become more familiar with the types of questions that will be on the ACT. Guidance counselor, Kelly Fitz says, “By taking this test it helps give them data about what they need to work on and their areas of strength.” These tests also have a career component included in them where students take an interest inventory and give them information about potential careers that might interest them.

The PSAT that the juniors take is a practice SAT. This test allows juniors to gain exposure to questions that are going to be on the SAT. This also exposes them to their strengths and weaknesses in certain areas.  The PSAT also allows junior students, who have the potential, to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. These tests give students great insight and prepare them for future testing.

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