The Seton Showcase

The Seton Showcase

By Olivia Wall




On Saturday October 12 the Seton music department held its Showcase. The Showcase is a variety show made up of medleys, solo dancing, and skits from the Carol Burnett show. It features the freshman concert choir, the entire Seton concert choir, and a few volunteers from Elder’s Glee Club. Elder senior Sean Feldman said, “I love doing the showcase because the girls always help us out with our cabarets and other activities so this is our way of helping them out.” This year, the show opened up with a Lion King medley performed by the freshman, and skits and dancing followed. The show ran smoothly, gaining plenty of laughs from the audience and an abundance of cheers. Junior Cierra Watkins absolutely brought the house down with her rendition of “I Know Where I’ve Been” from the musical Hairspray and Elder senior Jay Quitter brought in plenty of laughs when he arrived on stage dressed as Edna Turnblad, Tracy Turnblad’s mother in Hairspray. Not all participants in the showcase are used to performing in such an impromptu, relaxed manner; however they always have a great time. Seton senior Karly Heinzelman said, “I enjoyed being in the showcase, It was a great experience.” The show was a complete success and it leaves many excited for what the Seton Music Department will deliver in the following months.





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