Celebrate My Drive Contest

Celebrate My Drive Contest

By Katie Lehan


Yup, you’ve guessed it!  Seton High School has entered yet another contest.  On October 18, the students and staff at Seton entered a contest open to schools in North America called “Celebrate My Drive” which is powered by State Farm Insurance.  According to the contest’s website, auto car crashes are the number one cause of death among teens in North America.  In hope to stop these tragedies from happening, State Farm has powered the “Celebrate My Drive” contest, where teens can go to celebratemydrive.com and make a daily commitment through October 26 to be a safe driver on behalf of their high school.

“Every time you vote, you’re committing and saying that you’ll be a safe driver,” says Lizzie Bruewer, Secretary of Executive Board.  “Whether pledging that you won’t text and drive, you won’t be intoxicated and drive, or that you won’t even be a distracted driver.”  Bruewer went on to explain, “We decided to enter this contest because safe driving cannot be stressed enough, especially with teens who are most affected by unsafe driving.  We think it’s a great way to get the girls involved in something fun and it’s an extremely important reminder for them to be smart and cautious on the roads.”

Seton falls under the small high school category in the voting process, which gives the high school an equal chance to compete with schools closer to its size.  The more commitments the individuals make to be a safe driver, the increased chance they have of winning a $25,000 grant, a $100,000 grant or a grand prize concert with Kelly Clarkson.  Let’s continue to attract as many people as we can to vote, and bring home the big win for Seton High!

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