*insert Sharpay Evans voice here* CALLBACKS?!

*insert Sharpay Evans voice here* CALLBACKS?!

By Olivia Wall




Callbacks for the Seton/Elder production of Shrek the Musical were held Tuesday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 23. The purpose of a callback is for the director(s) to further audition a select group for primary roles in a production.

The characters in Shrek are fictional storybook characters that a Seton or Elder student is expected to bring to life on stage, making for a difficult audition/selection process. Therefore callbacks are absolutely necessary with the immense about of talent the students possess.

Callbacks not only provide the opportunity for the director(s) to analyze each individual’s talent but also an opportunity for one to watch how one’s peers perform.  Personally, I enjoy being able to watch my friends develop certain characters just in the time allotted for that single day’s callback.

As an insider of the Shrek callbacks, I can tell you it was a very relaxed, enjoyable and unique experience. This might have stemmed from the fact that Shrek is a comical, modern, and a unique show in itself, made to entertain people of all ages.

This callback was so unique because with every scene that was read through and every single individual who tried different characters, one could see the story come to life. Regardless of this was yours first callback or your fiftieth, it was a great experience.

Senior Cayla Schmitt said, “I thought callbacks were going to be really bad at first, but it was not bad at all. The nerves were still very present; however I did not let it affect my performance.” Cayla was not the only person who felt that wayMany other actors stress and worry about the entire callback process, but one must learn to trust the directors and accept that they know what they are doing.



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