MTV’S Award: Team Mattie or Team Collin?


By Kelly Gallagher


MTV’s famous show Awkward returned Tuesday evening, October 22. Many of Seton’s students find this television series relatable and entertaining. Awkward revolves around Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), a girl who, although too pretty for the outcast status that describes her, is otherwise a normal teenager. Jenna’s life is full of family, friends, and mostly boy drama. She is torn between two of her crushes, Mattie and Jake all throughout the beginning of high school. Fans were strictly “Team Mattie” or “Team Jake,” but in the end of season 3, a new male character is thrown into the love triangle, causing fans to anticipate season three’s arrival. Collin, the newly added character played by actor, Nolan Funk, becomes an intriguing character to Jenna, who not to mention, already has a boyfriend. Season three of Awkward is about Jenna choosing between her new two crushes, Mattie and Collin. A poll was taken directed to the Seton students whether they were “Team Mattie” or “Team Collin” and out of 123 responses, 98 were “Team Mattie” and 25 were “Team Collin.” Awkward is one of MTV’s most realistic TV shows that teenagers can relate their high school life problems to. Will mysterious Collin steal Jenna’s heart or will heroic Mattie win Jenna back?

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