All Saints Day

All Saints Day

By Taylor Morano


All Saints Day, also known as All Hallows, is a day celebrated on November 1 in honor of all the saints that are known and unknown. There are many saints that we know a lot about and have a lot of information on so we take the time to honor them on a specific day. All Saints Day is a time to honor all those saints that are also unknown, who may have been forgotten, or never honored specifically. Here at Seton High School, we celebrate All Saints Day by having an all school mass celebrating the lives of all the saints. The whole concept of All Saints Day is tied in with the Communion of Saints. This is the belief that all of God’s people including those in heaven, earth, and purgatory are connected in Communion with God and each other.

Christians have been honoring saints and martyrs since at least the second century. Originally calendars of saints and martyrs differed by location, with churches only honoring local saints. However it has now become more universal around the world.  The first time All Saints Day was celebrated occurred in St. Ephrem the Syrian in AD 373 on the first Sunday after Pentecost.  It is said that the current day of celebration originates from Germany in the time of Pope Gregory III. All Saints Day is an important to day to remember and pray for all of those who have departed.

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