Gabby Hirlinger’s Inspiring Regional Race Brings Cross Country Season to a Close

Gabby Hirlinger’s Inspiring Regional Race Brings Cross Country Season to a Close

By Sydney Schultz

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Junior Gabby Hirlinger ran in the Regional meet on Saturday, October 26 in Troy, Ohio. She finished the 5k race in 47th place with a life time personal record of 19:36.

Hirlinger ran the best race of her life. She finished the first mile in the race in 6:06 and was in the back of the 127 runners but continued to move up each mile. When she crossed the second mile, she was in 65th place. She continued strong during the third mile and passed many runners, including runners that she has never beaten before in a race McAuley’s top two runners. Her last 200 meter sprint was very inspiring.

The chilly thirty-eight degree temperature and harsh winds didn’t stop Hirlinger from being a strong competitor. She gave all she had on the course and finished the season with a great feeling of accomplishment. “My race plan went perfectly. I had a smart start and stayed consistent for mile one and two and started passing people during mile three. I am very satisfied with how things turned out and I am already looking forward to next year,” said Hirlinger.

The cross country season is now officially over. For the third year in a row, Seton ended with an individual racing in the Regional meet in Troy. In 2011, Anne Pace competed, followed by Brooke Schleben in 2012, and now Hirlinger in 2013.

The team will now take two weeks off of running and then the Snowy Saints program will begin November 18. Snowy Saints is a running program at Seton for mid distance and distance runners to help get them ready and in shape for the upcoming track and field season. If you are interested in running track in the spring, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know the sport and the girls on the team. Anyone is welcome!

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