Latin Club Induction

Latin Club Induction

By Molly Brauch

2013-10-14 09.19.18

The Seton Latin Club held its annual club induction on Monday, October 14. Latin students gathered in the chapel during second period to participate in a candle-lighting ceremony. Each candle on the Latin Club’s candelabra represented the Spirit of each different grade level. Latin Club Co-Presidents Samantha Hissett and Molly Brauch were the High Priestesses of the event. Each student received a club membership card and a laurel wreath as a token of their membership. The Club holds its induction every year to honor those students brave enough to explore the depths of the Roman world. The Latin Club may not be large, but its spirit is made very evident through its students.

Senior students in the Latin Club this year are Molly Brauch, Allyson Cox, Samantha Hissett, and Charity Jamison. The juniors are Natalie Morrison, Krista Murphy, and Phuong Phan (junior Cece DiGiacomo is also in the club, as she is taking Latin III online this year). The Latin sophomores are Katherine Drinkuth, Abbie Hahn, Maureen O’Brien, Rachel Sebastian, and Katherine Tope.

The new inductees to the Latin Club for the 2013-2014 school year are freshmen Latin I students Emma Bruggeman, Rylee Burke, Audrey Laiveling, Sara Neumeister, Hannah Schwaeble, and Mikaleigh Thai. When asked about the freshman Latin class, Secretary Allyson Cox beamed, “We as a Club love seeing our freshmen students grow and blossom into Latin scholars. They are the future of Seton Latin!” Indeed, with such a tight-knit community of scholars, the Latin Club has high expectations for the future.

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