Shoes Galore

Shoes Galore

By Alissa Allison


It’s that time of the season to bundle up- that means your feet too!The weather is changing and it’s not 70 and sunny anymore. The extremities of the body tend to feel colder than the rest of the body So it’s time to throw the flip flops out and bring in the boots!

With fall and winter quickly approaching there are many different shoe types available depending on the level of casualness, weather, and style you are going for. The typical cozy boot you might see around the halls this season are UGGS. You don’t need the actual designer UGG boot to keep your feet warm because there are many other look-a-like boots with the same furry affect.

A type of shoe that could dress an outfit up would be the riding or jockey boot. Pairing it with jeans and a nice sweater is always an acceptable outfit to wear if you are on your way out during a colder evening. The shapes, colors, and height vary to fit what you are looking for. These definitely fit the season and are easy to match with an outfit. Combat boots are also big again this year. If you don’t already have a pair these would make a great investment. You can find them in black, tan, brown, and some even have folds with plaid or Aztec patterns. Jeans or even shorts if it is a little warmer can be worn with combat boots. The boots can be made to look more army-like and sturdy or some more flexible and flimsy around your ankle. This might create a more edgy side to your look. It is great to have variety in your closest and show off your own style.

Aside from boots, you can always pull out the trusty Converse to cover your toes. Maybe you are more of a Vans fan. Either way they are both a nice casual shoe that looks great with any pant. You can throw these on with sweats while walking out your door to run some errands or dress it up with jeans or tights. One of the best things about these shoes is the diversity in color, style, shape, texture. You can even design your own if you really want to. The options are endless.

Obviously you need socks to wear. Around this time you can find fuzzy socks at just about any shoes store and even places like Target have them. A few pairs of comfy socks won’t hurt to have. You might notice with either UGGS, riding boots, or combat boots that girls might wear tall stocking that stick out the top or leg warmers. If you want to add more of your personal style or change it up this is always an idea. You can decide what color leg warmer or stocking you’d like and find a cool texture. This also helps to keep your leg feeling warmer with the chilly breezes.

Fall and winter come with an array of shoes to choose from and stylish ways to keep yours feet from freezing. Just remember to display your own style and don’t be afraid to be daring and make a statement! It’s all about you when it comes to style these are just a few ways and ideas to get started this season.

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