Where to Get Your Hands on the Top Fall Trends

Where To Get Your Hands on the Top Fall Trends

By Kaylie Brown


It’s now the middle of fall and everyone has been wearing the new trends such as army jackets, skater skirts, and other styles that are popular this year. Have you seen someone on Tumblr or out in public wearing a new trend that you are just dying to get your hands on, but you aren’t sure where they got it? Here are some stores where you are bound to find just what you’re looking for.

The classic Forever21 is a famous store when it comes to trendy clothing. This store can be found in just about every mall and has affordable prices. Forever 21 has clothing for every style, ranging from punk studded jackets to fur vests. Some say it’s too hectic to shop in Forever21 because it’s always crowded or the amount of clothing in the store is overwhelming. If this is the case for you, the online store has just as many if not more options.  Think it’s impossible to shop online because you aren’t sure if it’ll fit you? Worry no more, because most online stores provide the measurements for each size and the size of the model so you can compare!

H&M is another popular store with the latest fashions. H&M sells mostly girly, edgy, and professional clothing. For instance, you can always find blazers in the store, but if you’re looking for something like a leather skater skirt, a sharp dress, or a big comfy sweater, you’ll most likely find it at H&M. Seton Senior Maria Hartmann shops at H&M and says, “I love H&M because their clearance rack is poppin’ and I can always find something there”. H&M is also famous for their sales, which mostly occur online. Who doesn’t love deals?

Good ol’ Target has been selling more fashionable items lately. You can now find shift dresses, jean jackets, blazers, sweaters, skater skirts, and much more at Target. Not to mention the shoe selection now includes combat boots, riding boots, heels, and flats for fall and winter, all at an affordable price.

If you consider your style to consist of bazar graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts or “hipster”, then Urban Outfitters is the place for you. Urban Outfitters sells unique clothing that goes along with the indie, hippie, vintage, and boho styles. For  example if you’re looking to buy a pair of Doc Martins, printed leggings, high wasted jeans or shorts, sweaters with unique backs, or sweaters with embellished sleeves this fall, Urban Outfitters has it. Urban Outfitters can get pretty pricey sometimes, but they always have a sale rack hidden somewhere with clothes that are still in season and can cost twenty dollars less.

Stay in style this fall with these top trends. These clothes are at set at an affordable price and are local, so get your hands on them today!

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