Seton’s Dance Team Taking on Change

Seton’s Dance Team Taking on Change

By Kelly Gallagher


On Wednesday, October 16, Seton Highlighters’ coaches, Theresa Chiodi and Jill Lamey announced at a parent meeting that Seton’s dance program is undertaking major changes. The coaches decided to make several additions to the program in order to better their future. The Seton Varsity Dance team consists of one freshman, seven sophomores, two juniors, and four seniors. This year varsity is going for the win at nationals. They have been working with a special coach for both routines who have brought a lot of new style to them. The dance program has decided to keep the announcement of the dance teams’ new coach anonymous until given later confirmation. Compared to last year, the dancers have mentioned that their coaches have increased the difficulty of their jazz routine which will strengthen the team at competitions. The Varsity Dance team also has a theme every year that motivates them, and this year’s is “eye on the prize.” This theme is getting the team more driven to win and their audience more excited.

One of the major changes that the coaches of Seton’s dance team made includes starting a JV team next season. Varsity and JV will be going to Orlando, Florida for Nationals and attend the Great Lakes competition in Detroit in November of 2014. In the past, only the varsity team has competed in these competitions, so Seton’s dance coaches are eager to include another team. Theresa Chiodi, one of Varsity dance coaches says, “There are 75 dancers on our Twinkle teams and 50 dancers on our Youth and Youth Prep teams. With the amount of awesome young talent we see now and in the future of our program, we wanted to create more opportunities for our dancers to continue their growth. By introducing a JV team, we hope to ease the transition from the Junior to Varsity team as well as provide enough teams to match all our dancers ability levels.”  Also added this year was a youth prep dance team due to the increasing number of girls wanting to dance. Another new addition includes the three twinkle teams. The addition of a JV team for the 2013-2014 season will allow more dancers attending Seton to have the full Seton dance experience. As of now, Seton only has a Junior team that consists of 6th – 10th graders. The goal of the new JV team is to prep the girls for varsity in order for Seton to continue making history in the small varsity pom category. Seton’s Varsity Dancer Samantha Monahan expresses, “Our program has grown a lot since I’ve been a part of it, which is almost 8 years. The coaches are setting high goals for the future of Seton Dance Teams and are starting to prepare them at an early age by adding younger teams and allowing girls to do solos so that they will have more confidence in their dancing abilities.” Monahan was one of the first seniors to do a solo at Seton’s Showcase on October 12 and her coaches are motivating her to compete individually at local school competitions. Monahan plans on attending University of Cincinnati and will be trying out for the Bearcat’s dance team in April in hopes of joining the team. Two 2012 Seton graduates and former members of the Highlighter dance team, Jessica Datillo and Morgan Quatman currently dance for UC as well. Seton’s dance program is excited for their future plans and look forward to being the best they have ever been.

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