It’s a Hard Knock Life

It’s a Hard Knock Life

By Rachel Richter


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Okay seniors, it’s time to get our complaints out in the open.  It’s no secret that senior year has been hard.  We are forced to balance schoolwork, the Senior Project, and college applications at the same time.  Wasn’t senior year supposed to be the time of our lives?  Why are we not singing and dancing and having a blast like in High School Musical 3: Senior Year?  Okay, maybe we don’t need to be singing and dancing, but we should at least be enjoying our last year of high school.  Needless to say, our senior year at Seton has not been what we expected.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Seton High School and I am so grateful for the great Catholic education that we have.  It’s just that, as seniors, we have been overwhelmed and overworked.  Teachers give us excessive and uncompromising workloads, Senior Project deadlines stress and engulf us, and college application deadlines are rapidly approaching.  Also, college applications are more work than you might think!  On top of the application information that we have to fill out, seniors also have to worry about writing essays, composing writing supplements, and obtaining letters of recommendation.  It is already hard enough to maintain schoolwork and extracurricular activities, let alone with added deadlines and applications.  Having schoolwork PLUS college applications is hard.  The situation is like infinity TIMES infinity! …but not in a cool, mind-blowing way.

There have already been multiple cases where we have had numerous deadlines all around the same time – whether for school, the Senior Project, or college applications. Senior Sami Pragar has a strong opinion on this topic as she has particularly felt the pressure of senior year.

Pragar voices the opinion of most seniors: “Senior year should be the best year, our last year before it’s time for college.  We have several senior project deadlines due right around the same time as due dates for college applications; and then add our normal school work.  We hardly have time to breath.  It’s crazy to think that one fourth of senior year is already over, and I barely remember it.  I want to look back on this year and think of life-lasting memories and friendships I made, not the stress that kept me from enjoying it.”

Pragar’s opinion summarizes the general discontentment of the majority of seniors. Her comments say it all.  Life is pretty hectic right now, and this is holding us back from making the most out of our senior year.




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