Necessary Stress

Necessary Stress

By Molly Brauch


Senior year is rough to say the least. With homework, Senior Project, college applications, and extracurricular activities, seniors hardly have time to breathe. But let’s be honest here: I’ve spent enough time on Twitter to notice comments from recent Seton graduates. The girls are jumping for joy over the fact that they know how to write research papers and don’t have to waste time fretting over MLA errors. If you look closely, you’ll notice something: Seton pushes its seniors because to do so is necessary.

From here on out, being educated doesn’t get any easier. Colleges expect hard work all the time out of their students. Seton seniors develop a work ethic that other high school (and even some college) students envy not because we want to, but because we need to! October 25 was a day full of complaining and anxiety, but we all finished our bibliographies by the deadline, didn’t we? And after 2:36 p.m. passed, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief because that momentary stressor had passed too!

And what do our educators think about our stress level? “I think stress is a choice you make,” says Mr. Brauch. “A successful student takes care of her responsibilities as they are presented to her. From a math perspective, high procrastination = high stress.”

Procrastination is definitely an epidemic this year. I was feeling a bit under the weather with the procrastination bug starting in June with my summer reading, and most seniors would probably agree with that. I came into senior year with high expectations for a breezy year, so I was shocked when my stress level was through the roof. Junior year was supposed to be the hardest year, right? “Most people say junior year is the hardest,” agrees Mr. Brauch. “Maybe it’s the hardest academically, but your senior year should carry the most weight. How many seniors have already finished their college visits or college applications? The more you finish ahead of time, the less stress you have as deadlines loom.”

Just because we don’t have time to choreograph elaborate, High School Musical-esque dance numbers doesn’t mean that we as seniors can’t learn to enjoy senior year. The stresses that come with senior year are a necessary part of learning and growing. Face it: adulthood isn’t going to be a cakewalk. In fact, I personally would like to thank the staff of Seton High School for pushing its seniors more than we’ve ever been pushed before. In this case, stress is necessary, and it makes a better woman out of each one of us.

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