New NHS Selection Process

New NHS Selection Process

By Katie Lehan


Seton’s National Honor Society has a new selection process.  In the past, the selection for members of NHS at Seton was simply the top 20 percent of the students in the junior class.   This year, a faculty council of the National Honor Society at Seton, made up of five faculty members, Scott Brauch, Mary Beth Corey, Chuck Heil, Sister Sandy Howe and Jay Villing, was created in order to take a different and more comprehensive approach on the selection of its incoming members.  The official selection process took place on the week of November 3, where juniors from Seton were chosen to be members of a society that recognizes excellence and well roundedness.

Eligibility to be in the National Honor Society starts with the candidate meeting the scholarship and service criterion described by the National Honor Society Organization.  According to the National Honor Society Handbook, this includes being in the top twenty percent of their grade ranked by weighted GPA, along with the student having completed more than the minimum cumulative 50 service hours by her junior year.  After meeting that criterion, the student is also given the opportunity to provide evidence in the other two pillars, character and leadership.  Each candidate applying for a spot in the National Honor Society was asked to submit a candidate form that allowed them to elaborate on leadership roles, work experience, recognition and awards, along with a letter of recommendation written by someone who truly believes and has evidence that the student is a good candidate for the society. Also, each faculty member of Seton was  required to rate the candidate on a scale from one to four- one being the lowest and four being the highest-based on the qualities of scholarship, service, character and leadership.  In regards to leadership, Seton’s faculty was looking specifically for students that demonstrate initiative in promoting school activities among other things.  As for character, a few of the things faculty were looking for was how well the student exemplifies positive and desirable qualities of behavior as well as honestly, academic integrity and reliability.   Mr. Gary Collins, a member of the faculty council, said, ” We chose to change the selection process simply to better recognize and encourage academic achievement and developing service, character and leadership.”

Although the current juniors at Seton weren’t well aware of the previous application and selection process, they didn’t express any complaints about the current procedure.  Megan Groll, an applied candidate for the society, said, ” I liked the application process because it made me realize how involved my classmates and I are at Seton and how big of an impact we can have on the community.”  Another junior, Leigha Kraemer agreed, saying, ” I thought the application process for NHS was easy and a great opportunity for me to get to know myself better.”  Candidates will be announced after review of the forms by administration and the induction ceremony will be in December.

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