A Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving

A Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving

By Ally Kampel


This year, Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 28, and Seton begins Thanksgiving break on Wednesday, November 27 and we return to school Monday, December 2.   This is the first time in a very long time that Seton is off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving which means more time to eat.  Thanksgiving is about gratitude, family, and football, but let’s face it- food is the real star. For junior, Kelsey Kurzhals, the best part of Thanksgiving is the food she eats, “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food because it makes me feel warm inside.” If you’re tired of feeling, stuffed, sleepy and too big for your Thanksgiving pants, here are some tips for a “healthy” Thanksgiving.


Truthfully, the main course, turkey, is a nutritious, low fat meat.  At about 160 calories per serving and only 4 grams of fat, it’s a good start. Side dishes can really be loaded with hidden calories, so the key is to find good-tasting and, healthy alternatives. The internet is a great resource for recipes. Simply start with your favorite ingredients and you can create a delicious low fat treat.


One traditional Thanksgiving favorite, green bean casserole, can be given a healthy make-over when canned soup, and all the fat and sodium that come with it, is replaced with fresh string beans, mushrooms and low fat milk and sour cream.  At 170 calories and 4 grams of fat, you can have seconds of this healthy mashed potato recipe. Olive oil and chicken broth replace butter and cream for a much healthier version of a fan favorite.  See the links below for these recipes or more delicious, healthy foods for your own Thanksgiving meal.


The best news is that the calories you save at dinner can be used to enjoy a delicious piece of pumpkin pie. After all, it is Thanksgiving, and pumpkin is a vegetable.





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