High School Placement Test

High School Placement Test

By Kelly Gallagher

kelly g

Seton will be holding the High School Placement Test (HSPT) on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Leading up to the High School Placement Test, Seton will also be providing prep-courses for incoming high school girls who are interested in preparing themselves more for this test.

Next Monday, November 11, there will a HSPT Review which will be comprised of a math review taught by Seton math teacher, Mrs. Mary Johnson. Johnson says, “The goal of the class is to familiarize students with the format of the test, to provide them with test taking strategies, and to review mathematics concepts form grade school.  Topics reviewed include, integers, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, plane geometry, polygons, circles, volume, measurement, tables and graphs, word problems, statistics, sequences, and analogies.”   Directly after the math review will be the English review taught by Seton English teacher, Mr. Gary Collins. The English session will be reviewing punctuation, grammar, and reading comprehension.

The HSPT measures cognitive skills, which measures how well one performs reasoning tasks involving the use of words. A student’s ability in this area is related to one’s performance in language, reading and various areas within social studies. A student’s quantitative skills are also tested which measures one’s ability to do reasoning problems involving numbers and quantities. This ability it related to performance in mathematics, sciences and other areas that deal with numbers.

A student’s total cognitive skills are measured as well. Regarding basic skills, a student’s comprehension ability is measured which tests a student’s ability to remember important ideas and significant details, recognize central thought or purpose, make logical inferences and understand vocabulary in context. The mathematics section not only measures one’s ability to perform arithmetic operations and apply math concepts to solve problems, but also one’s knowledge of important concepts and ability to reason. A student’s language is also measured which includes a student’s education of capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling, usage and composition. A student’s score on this test will allow Seton to place them in average or accelerated English, Math, and Science classes.  Many skills are tested for the high school placement test. A student has to be able to comprehend material and answer multiple choice questions regarding the material they just had read. It is also important for a student to be able to recognize important ideas and significant details. The main purpose of these writing tests is to test if a student can grasp the main idea and logic of the material. In the mathematics section, a student’s ability to know arithmetic operations is important along with word problems. A student’s score on this test will allow Seton to place them in average or accelerated English, Math, and Science classes.

Freshman Kori Rudolph gives insight on what she thought of the HSPT, “Last year at this time I was getting ready for my HSPT and my nerves were for sure there. I was scared that I wouldn’t do well on it or I wouldn’t be with my friends because they might do better than me. Looking back on taking that HSPT I wish I would have had a different look on it. I wish I would of went in thinking that this is a test to let the high school you are going to go to know what classes you fit in best. I would give advice to youngers girls not to stress about the test go in do the best you can do and in the end it is just another test you take in your life.”

Best of luck to the incoming freshman who plan to take the High School Placement Test two weekends from now, Seton is excited to welcome the class of 2018.

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