Make-up Fun

Make-up Fun

By Taylor Morano


Makeup is something that tends to be an important factor in most girls lives, especially during the teenage years.  Most girls care what they look like when they are out on the weekends and will take the time to put makeup on and spruce up their appearance. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they present themselves, the way they communicate with others, and even the way they look. When wearing, makeup, it shows that you care about your appearance.  However, it’s not always about pleasing others, but pleasing yourself.

Senior Nicole Ruffing has always had an interest in makeup and cosmetology. Ruffing says, “Makeup is something that I have always loved ever since I was little kid.” She was so interested in this topic that she decided to go down that path for her Senior Project. Ruffing is shadowing cosmetologist, Colleen Herman. She is very successful and has just recently opened up her own salon a few months ago. Also her mentor, Herman is teaching her how to apply makeup the right way, covering all the basics such as concealer, foundation, powder, eye makeup, blush, and lipstick.

As Ruffing continues on her path of learning how to apply makeup and using makeup tricks, she will be creating a blog along her journey. Her blog will be accessible for anyone to see and full of helpful tips on how to apply your makeup. Near the end of the year she plans to take all the advice that her mentor has shown her and actually do the makeup on others herself for freshman and sophomore dances.

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