On –Site Admission

On –Site Admission

By Olivia Wall


On Friday, November 8 the admission counselor from The College of Mount St. Joseph will be at Seton. This isn’t your usual college rep visit. This time around, Catie Geraci from MSJ will be offering students admission to the school. All you need to do is email Mrs. Vorholt at vorholte@setoncincinnati.org to set up an appointment time.  You must submit an online application to MSJ or complete a paper application and bring it with you, and request a transcript form from your counselor. Then Geraci will let you know the admission decision before you leave. Senior Victoria Hancock plans to get her admission decision, “I’m nervous because a rejection on a piece of paper is one thing, but a face to face rejection makes you wonder what did I do wrong?” she said. This process may not be for everyone. If you’d prefer your acceptance letter in the mail, you do not need to schedule an appointment. Your decision will come later, and it may save you the anxiety of a face to face decision.

Good luck to all seniors and their college decisions.

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