Snowy Saints is Around the Corner

Snowy Saints is Around the Corner

By Kaylie Brown




The weather is getting colder that that means it’s almost time for Snowy Saints! Snowy Saints is a group of Seton girls who run and lift weights after school to condition for indoor and outdoor track season. Anyone is welcome to join the group, even if you don’t plan in participating in track. Conditioning will start officially on November 18. No experience is required to join.  Runners will begin running distances for their level.  For example, if you are a beginner, you will start off with about a mile run.  This distance will build up throughout the winter. Even though every day is optional, previous track runners suggest that being a regular at conditioning will benefit you in the long run. Senior Seton track runner Alissa Allison says, “It gives you a good base for the outdoor season and it toughens you up when you have to run in 15 degree weather in the snow.” The runners who condition during the winter are called the Snowy Saints because they run in the cold weather, and sometimes even through the snow., Don´t  worry though, Coach Karen always makes sure the sidewalks are safe. If you plan on joining snowy saints this winter make sure you bring running clothes for any type of weather, because being Cincinnati girls we know the day-to day weather is unpredictable.  If you want to get in shape, build up your base for track season or just run for fun, snowy saints is for you!


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