Juniors Perform at AmeriDance Buckeye Classic Competition

Juniors Perform at AmeriDance Buckeye Classic Competition

By Katie Lehan

jazz pic pom picture

Seton’s Junior Highlighters took home a first place trophy in the AmeriDance Buckeye Classic Competition at the Convention Center in Columbus on Sunday, November 10.  It was an all-day event for the Highlighters and their loyal supporters consisting of parents and other family members.  The team traveled north almost two hours for a 4:30 report time.  They were scheduled to perform at 7:12pm but did not perform until after 8:30pm due to the competition running over an hour and a half behind schedule.   It was the first time the Juniors performed their jazz routine and it was a rewarding moment when they took home first place in that category.  They took home second place for their pom routine.  Mary Catherine Corey, a member of the Junior Highlighters, said, “It was by far one of the latest dance competitions I’ve ever been to, but it was nice to see all of my  teammates that wanted to stay to the very end, even though awards did not start until almost 11:00 p.m. It truly showed how much dedication my team has for the sport, and I could not be more proud of them.”  Overall, the competition lasted for over six hours and the girls danced their hearts out, not letting the fatigue keep them from performing their best.  Dancers who stayed until awards did not get home until after 1 am, Monday morning.

You can see the Highlighters, both Juniors and Varsity, perform next at the Winter Showcase held at Seton on December 8, the Seton vs. Mercy basketball game on December 12 and the UDA Winterfest Championship in Cincinnati on December 14.  The tickets for the Winter Showcase are only $5 and the show times are 1 o’clock and 3:30.  Once again, great job girls!

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