Seton’s Staff Can Cook

Seton’s Staff Can Cook

By Abby Rollinger


On Tuesday, November 12, the cafeteria continued their omelet breakfasts before school as they have and will be doing every Tuesday morning throughout November. However, this week there was a twist: administrative staff members did the cooking. Vice Principle, Anna Downey, and technology support specialist, Matthew McKinney, manned the omelet stations and took people’s orders on the spot. This resulted in a fresh, delicious, and entertaining breakfast experience for all those who chose to attend.

Feel like you missed out? Not to worry- different members of Seton’s staff will channel their inner Rachel Ray’s and Emeril’s for the next two weeks to custom order an omelet just for you! Mrs. Agricola and Mrs. Brigger are up next on the list, so make sure to stop by the cafeteria next Tuesday morning for your own “made-to-order” omelet.

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