The First Snow

The First Snow

By Olivia Wall


The city of Cincinnati experienced its first taste of winter Tuesday, November 12. This small dusting has many people anxious for what the season has in store.  Once you get past waking up early to scrape off windshields and to heat up cars, snow days are actually super awesome. Senior Kirby Sullivan says, “The first snow day of the year may be one of the best days of the year. Everyone has their own traditions, and most of them include hot chocolate.”

If school gets called off, there are so many different things to do on a snow day. These activities can range from sled-riding, snow man building, and snow ball fights. All you have to do is get a few friends together and the day goes from kind of cool, to super cool.

Once you’ve had your fun out and about in the snow, coming inside and warming up may be the highlight of the day. Turn on a classic Disney movie, or any other movie, make some hot chocolate and enjoy the fact that you can finally feel your toes again. For future reference this winter, check the local news stations for school delays and closings. You will also receive a recorded phone call from Seton telling you the status of classes that day. Keep in mind that you may wear spirit wear to school if there is a delayed start. This winter, remember to flip your PJ’s inside out, leave the spoon under your pillow, and flush a couple ice cubes down the toilet because everyone loves snow days.

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