Anime Comics

Anime Comics
By Molly Kraisinger

novcomicanimeclub (2)

Anime Club has been doing a variety of activities this year, including a cooking day and watching Howl’s Moving Castle. They also plan on doing more martial arts, origami, drawing, and reading manga days. In January, they hope to attend Ohayocon, a three day anime convention held in Columbus. Along with all these activities, Anime Club has been working on a comic strip for the Seton Connection.

Vice President of the club, Katie Zimmerman, drew this past comic strip, and everyone of the club contributed to the ideas of how the characters should look and their personalities, along with the story line. When creating the comic, Katie said “I prefer tradition, pencil and paper”, but several of the other girls said they prefer creating them digitally. It’s just a matter of preference. When Katie was creating her comic strip, she spent around an hour and a half sketching, and another two an a half hours coloring.

The comic strip is designed to mainly talk about things going on in the Seton Community. The comic strip Katie created this week was influenced by the Katy Perry video Seton made along with the fall weather. The comic strips also looks to promote Anime Club. Anime Club says they are a rather small club and are open to anyone who wants to join. Comic strips will be featured more frequently in our newspaper, so keep your eyes out for the fun illustrations.


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