Photo Club Winner

Photo Club Winner

By Kelly Gallagher


Sophomore Kaitlin Devoto won the last week’s “patriotic” photo themed contest. “My brother is the soldier on the right holding his girlfriend’s hand so it was a photo for his girlfriend to print out to keep with her until she got to see him again in December,” explained Devoto. She went on to say, “The soldier on the left was my brother’s friend in the army with his daughter on his shoulders.” Devoto also mentioned that she was surprised that she had won the contest. She entered the contest because she figured it would be fun just to see how she would do, so Devoto was completely surprised when she had won.

Devoto said “My brother’s favorite quote that I like to use is, “’Live for nothing, die for something.’ This shows how being a soldier, you will live defending our country, but when you die, you die a hero.”

Devoto received a $10 Target gift card for being the winner. The contest for the second quarter is leaf themed; there are beautiful student taken photos of fall leaves that students can vote on. The winner of the leaf contest will win a $10 gift card to Orange Leaf  as well.

Seton’s Photo Club ended their “patriotic” photo theme contest on November 13. Erin Vanover, moderator of photo club had students vote on a theme and “patriotic” had won. Veterans Day was in mind as the students were voting. Vanover says, “We are trying to get Photo Club to do more activities before school. In the club now, we are currently making wooden photo frames.” Photo Club meetings are on Wednesdays before school, a couple days a month and anyone is welcome to join.

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