Wednesday Activities

Wednesday Activities

By Ally Kampel

wednesday activities


On Wednesday, October 13, freshman, sophomores, and juniors all attended activities of their choice while seniors discussed future plans for graduation.  There were a variety of activities to choose from, including study sessions with teachers, kickball and yoga.  Having a half an hour of the busy day gave students a chance to choose how they wanted to spend their day.  The most popular activity was yoga consisting of 100 students.  Meditation and silent reading were also very popular; both had more than 50 students attend.

Sophomore, Anna Schoster, chose to work on her art during the activity time. “I really enjoyed Wednesday,” she states, “I was drawing a small object and enlarging it. I actually liked this project since we could draw any object we want to. I got to be creative and unique and this time gave me a chance to work on it more.”

This time also gave students the opportunity to try things they have never done before.  Junior, Emma Voss, was able to try yoga for her first time ever. Voss said, “Yoga was fun because I got a quick look at what yoga really is and how it tests your body in different ways.”

Wednesday was full of fun and new experiences that were a great way for students to relax.

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