National Honors Society Induction

By Alissa Allison


An email was sent out by Mr. Collins on Thursday, November 8, notifying the new students inducted into Seton’s chapter of the National Honor Society. After going through the process and requirements, the students were finally selected by the staff at Seton. An overview of the requirements are that the student has to be in the  top 20 percent of their grade, ranked by weighted GPA, and the student had to have more than 50 hours of service by her junior year. The candidate submitted a form expanding on their leadership, work experience, and any recognition or awards they have received. All faculty needed to rank the student on a one to four scale, one being the lowest based on the qualities of the student. Candidates were required to have a letter of recommendation from someone who truly thinks they are worthy of being inducted. It is not an easy task to be inducted.. The candidates are constantly working for this goal. After talking to a few members, they said after being notified, it was a great feeling to see their hard work being paid off. The ceremony is going to be held December 11 at 7 PM in Seton’s auditorium. Here are the following juniors who were inducted:


Megan Awad
Savannah Bacon
Faith Flowers
Jennifer Fohl
Megan Groll
Ashley Grooms
Olivia Hess
Megan Igel
Isabella Jansen
Shannon Kaine
Caroline Klopp
Gabrielle Kraemer
Leigha Kraemer
Lauren Lipps
Carly Niehauser
Phuong Phan
Suzanne Schultz
Kelly Shields
Haley Sponaugle
Carly Stagge
Maggie Walroth
Brooke Zentmeyer

Congratulations to all of the new members.

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