24th Annual Price Hill Thanksgiving Day Parade

24th Annual Price Hill Thanksgiving Day Parade
By Monica Lepper


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Every area has their own holiday traditions. Price Hill, for example, has an annual Thanksgiving Day parade. The parade begins at 10:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28. The parade starts on Glenway and Ferguson and moves east past Seton to St. Lawrence, ending at St. Lawrence Church. The parade is relatively short, only a mile in length. Seton, Elder, and the rest of the Price Hill Community celebrate this tradition on Thanksgiving morning and have been for the past 23 years. Seton and Elder are not the only groups represented in this parade; others include high school marching bands, local businesses, school groups and community organizations. One local business, Hart Pharmacy, is a dedicated participant in this parade. Hart Pharmacy has been a participant all 23 years of this parade and they have had their own float they go throughout the parade in every year. They have a float in the parade and have participated all 23 years of this parade and intend to again this year. Senior Maria Hartmann, who lives on Glenway, has a tradition of going outside every year during this parade. Hartmann says, “It’s a great time waving at all of the people passing by and catching the candy they throw towards the crowd.” This goes to show no one is ever too old to go to a parade. Everyone this year should try and make their way to this lovely parade.


The fun is not over after the parade. At St. Lawrence there are fun things going on and there also will be hot chocolate and cookies. Post-parade activities include pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, and photographs with Santa Claus. Although Seton students may believe they are too old for some of these activities, there is always the option to bring younger siblings, cousins, or friends. Don’t forget to stop by for snacks.
All Seton and Elder students have the chance to be in the parade, if interested, contact Ms. Mary Agricola.

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