By Ally Kampel

adopt a class

Adopt-a-Class, a community outreach service program and a six year tradition at Seton, continues again this year.  Over two hundred  students   from a variety of classes are involved in the program  including, Sr. Mary Dolores’, Mrs. Linz’s, Mrs. Corey’s, Madame’s, Mr. Kellerman’s, Mrs. Hollenbach’s, Mrs. Theresa Johnson’s, Mrs. Jett’s, Mrs. Williams Mitchell’s and Mrs. Giovanetti’s classes.

Students volunteer at   Holy Family and Roberts Academy, two local grade schools in the community.  At Holy family, Seton students spend time reading and working with children in kindergarten through the third grade, and at Roberts Academy, students visit children in grades two through four.  Each Seton student also receives a pen pal and develops a relationship by writing to them every few months. Seton also organizes three additional activities each year where Seton students participate in fun activities with their partners such as a trip to the Children’s Museum with Holy Family students, a Christmas party at Roberts Academy, and a fun day at Seton with Roberts Academy students.

The first visit to Roberts Academy took place this year on October 23.  On Wednesday, November 20, Seton students helped the grade school children at Holy Family with their homework for the first time this year.Students enjoy going to the schools, Senior, Molly Brauch, says, “It was really exciting to get to meet my little buddy from Holy Family.” Brauch explains, “I really enjoyed seeing my buddy work, and to see how smart he is.”

Adopt-a-class is a great opportunity for Seton students and local grade school students.  Seton students will visit Holy Family again on February 19 and will visit Roberts Academy on December 17.

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