First Sports Broadcast

First Sports Broadcast

By Abby Rollinger

Basketball Pic

Have you ever missed a Seton sporting event and wished there was some way you could still catch the action? Senior, Alyssa Lyons, is about to make this dream a reality. Tune into Seton’s first ever live sports broadcasting this Saturday, November 30, for the basketball game at home against Oak Hills! Lyons will be hosting the event, bringing you the latest scores and updates as they happen. “We’re really excited to watch everything we’ve been working months on come together right before the game starts,” says Lyons. Not only is this a perfect opportunity for current saints who cannot make games, but alumni, parents, and extended family can also stay up-to-date on their loved ones sporting events in real time without having to leave their homes.

Saturday’s game will be live-streaming on The Seton Connection under the following sports tab: Spread the word and be sure to watch as Lyons makes Seton history!


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