Four for you Glen Co Co!

Four for you Glen Co Co!

By Kelly Gallagher


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas. There are many popular traditions people do for Christmas including sending candy grams. Candy grams are gifts of candy that are given out with special messages from the sender. From candy canes, fruity candies, to gummy candies and chocolate bars, any type of candy is appreciated. Typically a candy gram is sent during the winter season as a candy cane with a note attached to it. Senior, Jennifer Healey, is selling candy grams next week to spread Christmas cheer and help raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation for her Senior Project.  The Make A Wish Foundation is a non-profit that grants wishes to kids up until the age of 18 who have a terminal illness. The non-profit organization was founded in the United States which also grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. It is the child’s physician that ultimately decides if a child is appropriate for the organization. The organization grants wishes through its 62 chapters located throughout the country. Make-A-Wish also operates in 47 countries around the world through 36 affiliate offices. One of the children whose wish was granted was Aaron, an eight year old with leukemia whose wish was to go to New York City and decorate the Macy’s window. According to the foundation, Aaron says, “It felt awesome to get to decorate and see all the work Macy’s decorators do for Christmas. And I liked keeping it a secret until opening night too. I told them we better do a pinky swear so I won’t tell anyone [what the window looked like].”

As part of her senior project, Healey is holding multiple small fundraisers for the Make A Wish Foundation. According to Healey, the main wishes that the children make are “I wish to be, I wish to meet, I wish to go, and I wish to have .”  For this fundraiser Healey will be selling candy grams for Seton students to send over to Elder students. The candy grams will be delivered before Christmas break making it a convenient way to wish someone Merry Christmas or for juniors and seniors to ask their dates to the Christmas dance by asking, “I WISH to take you to the Christmas dance.” Elder students are the only intended recipients of the candy grams from the Seton students. Last year the FCCLA club was in charge of doing candy grams for one dollar each. These candy grams will be sold next Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11. The candy grams will be delivered to Elder students next Friday. Each candy gram will be sold for 50 cents during the Tuesday and Wednesday lunch bells. The money collected for the candy grams will go directly to the Make A Wish Foundation to grant a kid’s wish.

Another fundraiser Healey plans on doing include making a paper-chain of student’s wishes. Healey is charging students 25 cents each to write their wish down on a piece of paper and then once the fundraiser is done she will connect all of the chains and hang them in a special place in Seton. The other fundraiser Healey is doing is a penny war against each of the grades. There will be a bucket each grade will put their pennies in and the winning grade with the most pennies will receive a prize of Girl Scout cookies. Healey’s mentor for the Senior Project, Catie Turner, works for the Girl Scout Cookies Company and is able to get free boxes of cookies to give away to each individual of the winning grade. The Make A Wish Foundation will appreciate Healey’s many efforts for her fun fundraising while including holiday traditions such as the candy cane grams. Many children’s wishes are granted thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation and Healey looks forward to helping these wishes to come true with the money she receives from selling the candy grams.

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