Signed. Sealed. Delivered. NCYC 2013

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. NCYC 2013

By Alyssa Lyons


On Thursday, November 21, students from Seton High School traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, to participate in the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) 2013. NCYC is held every two years at various places. NCYC gathers teen Catholics who have passion to share their faith. Over the course of three days, students are welcome to attend various speakers on multiple topics as well as attend general sessions with the large group. This year, over 25,000 teens participated in the event, 16 of them being Seton students, accompanied by Mrs. Linz, Ms. Agricola, and Mr. Kovacic. Within the sixteen students, four are returned to NCYC: Alyssa Lyons, Katelyn Walter, Ellie Hahn, and Quinn Scheiner.

This was the third time Seton sent students through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Two of these times, the location has been in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is an extraordinary city. Teens traveled to and from the Lucas Oil Stadium (Colt’s stadium) and the Indiana Convention Center. Senior Jessica Wuebbolt said, “You could just feel the energy of Catholics all praising under one roof. Anywhere on the street you saw teens showing their faith, and representing where they came from. This is important because with teens from all 50 states and over 6 countries, it becomes easier to trade items. As part of the conference, it is rule that students bring something symbolic from their states to trade with other students. Seton brought pins that said, “#Weartheplaid” and bracelets. Wuebbolt said, “It was awesome to trade because I got items from all over the world, towards the end it was a competition-trading to get the best items. While trading, I also got to meet so many new people!”

This conference allows students to deepen their faith beyond Seton’s borders. It also permits students to take a step back from school and really focus on who they are as a person. Wuebbolt also said, “It really put things in perspective about how we are the generation of the Church and that we can make a difference.” In the convention center, students are able to attend speakers that may have an interest to them. Wuebbolt journeyed to XLT Adoration where Christian singer Matt Maher performed.  She said, It was really powerful to see so many people praise on their own and in their own way. It was also nice to take time in silence to reflect on the trip thus far.” Each talk is designated to focus on living teens of today and their struggles or needs to discover their faith.

This year, the trip centered around one theme: “Signed. Sealed. Delivered”. Each night focused on one word, Thursday, for instance, was Signed, Friday wasSealed, and Saturday for the closing, was Delivered. The themes focused on teen’s relationship with Christ and their individual relationship with the Church.

The Saints came home safely Sunday afternoon. The next NCYC will be held again in Indianapolis in 2015

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