St. Nicholas Stopping By

St. Nicholas Stopping By

By Kaylie Brown


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here, but before the famous Santa Claus visits, St. Nicholas stops by. The feast day of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December sixth, St. Nicholas is commonly known for being the Bishop that brings smaller gifts and gives everyone a miniature Christmas before the big day itself.  Not everyone around the world celebrates St. Nicholas day though; it is actually not a very common holiday for most people. The holiday is seen to be mostly celebrated in Central Europe and continues throughout several U.S communities including Northeast Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. Senior Loretta Blaut says, “I love St. Nick day because it is like a mini Christmas. When I was little, my brother and I would run downstairs and see what was in our stockings and it was always so fun! Even though we are older now, “St. Nick” still comes to our house!”

But did you know Santa Claus originated from St. Nicholas? There are many legends about St. Nicholas, but the most common is when he snuck into a struggling man’s house at night and left bags of money  to help pay for his daughters’ dowries.   St. Nicholas dedicated his life to help the needy and left needed gifts. Santa Claus himself derived from these legends over time. When St. Nicholas died on December 6, 343, his spirit continued and children put their shoes out the night before in hopes to receive a treat on the morning of his feast day.

Times have definitely changed and now the gifts are commonly put in stockings or even under the tree. The price and the amount of gifts have also changed and increased from the past. In the 1700s, a child might have gotten fruit or chocolate, but now, gifts can be anything from a load of candy to a new jacket.

For Seton students the gift giving doesn’t stop with little gifts from St. Nick at home, but continues with the secret presents given at school. Does St. Nicholas pay a special additional visit to Seton? In the past the gifts have been purses and wallets. What will St. Nicholas bring this year?

Overall, St. Nicholas day isn’t just about receiving gifts, but giving and being thankful for what we have and received. Have a great St. Nicholas day!


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