By Katie Lehan


For the past several years, Seton  has been involved in a program called Adopt-A-Class, with Holy Family grade school and Robert’s Academy grade school, which allows the students and staff at Seton to watch the kids grow up and to interact with teachers from around the area.  This year, Seton has adopted four classes from Holy Family between kindergarten and fourth grade and five classes from Robert’s Academy between second and fourth grade.  Seton does not get to choose what classes they adopt, it is up to the program, but there can be a swap if and when necessary.  The Adopt-A-Class program consists of students writing back and forth as well as transportation between schools so that the Seton students and the Holy Family and Robert’s Academy students have a chance to interact with each other face to face.  At Robert’s Academy, the Seton girls usually go to the grade school twice a year and the younger kids come to Seton in the spring.  At Holy Family, Seton also goes there twice a year, but the spring trip has been to the museum for the past couple of years.

Sister Sandy Howe, who takes care of everything that has to do with the Adopt-A-Class connection between Seton and the two grade schools, says, “Being involved with Adopt-A-Class gives the Seton students the opportunities to learn from others the effects of having a mentor; someone to look up to and journey with and how important it is to be a role model in someone’s life.”  The program gives the Seton girls a different perspective on what it is to be a mentor and how much you can impact and influence someone else’s life by your words and actions.  Howe continued, “The student’s at Holy Family and Robert’s seem to benefit from having role models to journey with and look up to.”

The girls at Seton have enjoyed being a part of the Adopt-A-Class program and they have worked well with the students at both Holy Family and Robert’s Academy.  Senior, Loretta Blaut said, “It’s cool to spend time with the little kids and see how they grow over the period of the school year and how the time we spend with them affects them in positive ways.”  Seton plans on continuing to participate in the Adopt-A-Class program in future years.


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