By Taylor Morano


For those of you who don’t know, the StrongHER club at Seton is a club that strives to strengthen the self-esteem and confidenceof girls of all ages as well as promote individuality, inner beauty and acts of kindness by sharing messages of motivation, acceptance, and strength.   This Monday, December 9 the StrongHER club board members – President Katelyn Walter, Vice President Caroline Klopp, and Secretary Sydney Haussler – did an experiment. Walter was challenged to go all out and wear some of her nicest clothes to school. Klopp straightened her hair and wore it down while also wearing a little bit of makeup. Haussler wore her hair in braided pig tails.

Here at Seton High School, it is unusual for most girls to put in any effort into getting ready before going to school. These three girls are no exception to the usual “roll-out-of-bed” look, so it was no surprise when they were questioned why they looked the way they did on Monday. When asked about their appearances, these three girls simply responded with, “I just felt like doing something different today.” This was an experiment the StrongHER club came up with to show how judgmental girls can be toward one another. They had many people question them throughout the day and even some of their closest friends made fun of them.

This experiment was done to prove that you should not care what other people think of you. As long you are happy and content with yourself and the way you look, no one else’s opinion should matter. The StrongHer club meets every Monday after school and it is still not too late to join.

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