Hot or not – The Sound of Music: LIVE

Hot or not – The Sound of Music: LIVE

By Olivia Wall


Thursday, December 5 was the premiere of the highly anticipated showing of The Sound of Music: Live starring Carrie Underwood, on NBC.  Many were intrigued with the choice of Carrie Underwood, an inexperienced actress, as Maria Von Trapp. Carrie Underwood was the Season 4 winner of American Idol in 2005 and has been a predominant figure in country music for the last nine years. The live performance went smoothly and Audra McDonald stole the show as Mother Superior. It was obvious Underwood was the only actress not using an accent. However her powerful vocals took over when her acting was very dry.

The live performance received mixed reviews; many people bashing Underwood’s performance, causing her to tweet that “mean people need Jesus.”  Seton senior Samantha Goodwin said, “Overall, I enjoyed the performance, however I was unhappy with how some of the scenes were executed. It was almost as if the songs didn’t fit with what was happening in the plot. For example, in the movie version, Maria sings “My Favorite Things” during the thunderstorm, but in NBC’s version, they sang “The Lonely Goatherd”. It just seemed out of place”. Elder senior and amateur theater critic Sean Feldman said, “NBC’s The Sound of Music had its fair share of tragedies, but what’s more important is that so many people were exposed to the arts. Props to NBC for allowing time for a revamp of such an iconic piece of history, albeit a lacking attempt in some aspects. I would be thrilled if they continued broadcasting musicals as they did with The Sound of Music. Better to have some culture than none at all! And for all the Carrie-haters, remember that she was not trained in any aspect of musical theatre prior to the beginning of this production, so to tackle such a feat as Maria Von Trapp is quite an ominous one.”

Overall, the performance was entertaining and drew in 18.6 viewers according to USAToday. Because of the outstanding ratings, NBC is now in talks to do another live musical showing next holiday season. Despite the poor reviews of Underwood’s performance alone, the musical itself was well executed and very entertaining to all audience. It was nice to be able to re-introduce this classic to a new generation.

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