Papers Coming to an End

Papers Coming to an End

By Monica Lepper


The moment of relief is on its way. Friday, December 13, 2013 is the due date for the Senior Project research papers, a major aspect of the Senior Project. When other Seton students hear the words, “Senior Project,” they may not think much of it, but when senior year starts, the pressure of this project is surreal. Today marks a very stressful time for the seniors at Seton. From only having the MLA heading to writing the last word, the Senior Project research papers have been the source of much stress and late night writing sessions for students. Whether the papers are ready or not, they must be turned into Sharepoint and ready to be judged. Papers are read by about a dozen anonymous readers and the student’s papers are anonymous as well. Readers vary from staff members to writing coaches to judges. Each reader reads ten papers. All seniors’ papers will be read by three of these readers. The lowest score from the judges will be thrown out while the other two scores are averaged together. Senior Mikayla Hartoin said, “This paper has been stressing us out since mid-October and it is such a relief to accomplish another part of our Senior Project.”  Time to celebrate; seniors are halfway through the Senior project.

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