Seton & Elder Freshman Christmas Concert 2013

Seton & Elder Freshman Christmas Concert 2013

By Kaylie Brown

Snapshot 2 (12-13-2013 9-29 AM)

On December 9, the family and friends of freshman who attend Seton and Elder gathered in Seton’s auditorium to see the annual Freshman Christmas concert. The freshman started preparing for the concert and practicing the songs a few weeks after school started and were more than ready to perform in the concert. The concert started out with the Elder and Seton Freshman Band, where they put a fun twist on a few Christmas songs directed by Mr. Gies. Next, the Seton Freshman Chorus sang and danced to some of the classic Christmas songs, such as Santa Claus is Coming, Jingle Bells, and there were even a few solos from members of the freshman ensembles version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Elder´s ensemble even wore sunglasses to excite the audience with a Beach Boy’s Christmas Classic, Little St. Nick. Overall, the freshman brought in a big crowd and did a great job!

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