Seton Shines with Art Contest

Seton Shines with Art Contest

By Rachel Richter

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It is an annual tradition for Seton students to participate in a window decorating contest around Price Hill.   Every year in November, various local businesses decorate and paint their display windows for the holiday season.  Local high schools such as Elder, Mercy, and Seton are assigned different businesses’ windows to decorate according to the season’s theme.  This season’s theme was holiday books.  The window paintings are then judged according to members of the Price Hill Will Arts Team based on creativity, effective use of window space, and craftsmanship.  Cash prizes of $200, $100, $50, and $50 are then awarded to first, second, third, and fourth place winning windows.

Seton sends at least one group of students every year to participate in this Price Hill window decorating contest.  Art teacher Mrs. Metz encourages her students and art club members to form a group every year; however the contest is not restricted to art students only.  Any Seton student has to opportunity to participate in this fun event.  Metz explains, “I try to get as many students to do this every year. This year we did five windows in the community, and I think that’s really exciting!”

For the 2013 contest, Seton organized five different groups of students to paint five different business windows.  Juniors Megan Awad, Abbi Sandmann, Gabby Hirlinger, and Katie Grace decorated Hart Pharmacy.  Seniors Elora Tonnis, Lauren Lind, and Katelyn Hembree painted Cincinnati Federal Savings and Loan.  Senior Laura Wolter, and juniors Emily Geigle and Alyssa Ramstetter, and sophomore Bayley Mason painted the Skyline window.  Seniors Maria Carroll, Kaitlyn Bredestege, Christine Anneken, Sam Smith, Alicia Menke, and Anna McGowan painted Corner Bloc Coffee.  And juniors Gabriel Kraemer, Shannon Kaine, Amanda Jacobs, and Olivia Tepe decorated the Women’s Connection window.

After being judged by members of the Price Hill Will Arts Team, it was announced at Holiday on the Hill that the saints received an exciting honor.  The group of seniors that painted Federal Savings – Katelyn Hembree, Lauren Lind, and Elora Tonnis – received the third place prize of $50 for Seton High School.  These three seniors get to keep the cash prize to divide among themselves and spend as they wish.  With the holiday books theme, the group decided to paint the children’s book, Dream Snow, by Eric Carl.  Although Elder won the first place prize, and Mercy came in second, the Saints are nevertheless excited to take home this honor.  This contest not only got students involved in the community, but also resulted in another honor and prize for Seton students.

Photo Credit: Katelyn Hembree

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