St. Nick Comes to Seton

St. Nick Comes to Seton

By Ally Kampel

st. nick

It’s that time of the year again!  Christmas is right around the corner, and St. Nick’s day is just another joyful activity before the big day is here.   Most children in Cincinnati cannot wait to run to their stockings to see what little gift St. Nick left them.  Luckily, St. Nicholas comes to Seton too!  On December 6, St. Nick stopped by Seton, but due to the wonderful snow day Seton had on Friday, students picked up their gift Monday, December 9.  This year, each student got a gift bag filled with a stylish scarf from Lou Lou’s, a candy cane, and an out of uniform pass.

This is the third year Seton has provided St. Nick gifts for students.  The first year, students received a small purse, and the second year students got a Vera Bradly wallet.  According to Jennifer Dunaway, about 65% of students receive the gift every year.  The present was initially intended to get the Seton community involved with Setonsation.  Each year, a secret letter is sent out to all the parents of Seton students informing them that St. Nick will come to Seton again.  The parents do not know the gift they are purchasing; they trust that the present will be great.

To make sure every student can be included, secret Santas help buy presents for students who may not be able to participate due to financial reasons.  Development director, Jennifer Dunaway, states, “The reason we started the St. Nicholas gifts at Seton was to get the entire Seton community, staff, parents, and students, involved in Setonsation.” Dunaway explains, “It is a great way to get everyone excited about the event.”  Students also love getting the present.  Jessica Wuebbolt exclaims, “I really like the scarf because it was very cute, fashionable and in season.  It was also fun to trade with my friends to get my favorite color.”  The St. Nick gift was a great success once again.

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