Get your Christmas Dance Tickets Now!

Get Your Christmas Dance Tickets Now!

By Kelly Gallagher

xmas dance

Seton’s annual Christmas dance for juniors and seniors is this upcoming Friday, December 20, from 8-11 pm. The location of the festive dance is at The Farm in Delhi off of Anderson Ferry Road. The tickets are twelve dollars for a Seton student and fifteen dollars if they choose to bring a date. In order for juniors to buy their tickets, they can go to Mr. Kennedy’s classroom and seniors will go to Mrs. Rechenberg’s room. Tickets are being sold on Monday and Tuesday before and after school.

In the past, many students have enjoyed this dance. A Seton student will typically host the before party with catered food from places such as Chipotle, Jersey Mikes, or Jimmy Johns. The location of the dance at The Farm may not be the student’s favorite place to have it, only because the dancing area is so crammed and small. However, that does not keep the students from having a great time. Tables are set up in the room next to the dancing space where students and friends are able to sit down and socialize while listening to the fun music. Senior Olivia Klumb says, “the Christmas dance was a lot of fun last year. My friends and I had a great time dancing and I’m sad about this being my last time to go. Although dress and shoe shopping was stressful, I am really looking forward to the dance.”

Thanks to the Seton Helping Saints club, twenty two students were eligible to receive free dance tickets for themselves and a date because they were in the 200 club for raising money for the walk. This club entitles uniform passes, a chance to be in the limo the day of the walk, and also free dance tickets to the Christmas Dance. These students are juniors: Ashley Grooms, Shannon Kaine, Caroline Klopp, Kayla Krommer, Kelsey Stock, and seniors: Elizabeth Bruewer, Loretta Blaut, Hannah Becker,  Molly Brauch, Kendall Cappel, Samantha  Pragar, McKenzie Downey,  Cassidy Gramke, Monica Lepper, Madison Luebbers, Kelley Kraemer, Samantha Monahan, Abigail Pace, Katelyn Walter, Cayla Schmitt, Jessica Wuebbolt, and Samantha Smith.  Congratulations to this group of girls for their hard earned money collection. Many juniors are looking forward to this dance for the first time and seniors can’t wait to attend this event again.

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