Current Issues are our Issues

Current Issues are our Issues

By Monica Lepper


What is actually going on in this world today? Find out by visiting a current issue meeting held in Mr. Schroeder’s room every Friday directly after school at 2:36 p.m.  Each meeting lasts  about a half hour, but sometimes those involved get into the topics so much, that the meetings can and have lasted up to an hour. This club is open to students and staff members interested, just show up. In the past two years the point of this club was to discuss foreign policies. This year, the club is trying to zero in on issues where people live and some controversial issues as well.

Mr. Randy Schroeder feels that people should research topics to get better information rather than to go on gut feelings, and mostly to research topics that will affect their future.  At the last meeting on Friday, October 18 the club discussed the legalization of marijuana. Along the state lines many states have legalized marijuana and the club noticed that.  Schroeder said, “Current issues is a wonderful way for students to engage in current reality that influences their lives and to make a difference by becoming informed to make the world a better place to be and we have really good snacks.”

Seton senior, Molly Beck, is the president of this club. From her perspective, the main interest of this club is to discuss world news as well as local and national news. Beck says, “The goal is to get people to be interested in what’s going on around the world and to get different opinions.”

Debates are also held once a month so even if there is no interest in joining this club, all are welcome to come and listen or participate in this debate.

To get in touch with Beck about any questions about this club, email her at this address:

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