World Hunger Awareness

World Hunger Awareness

By Alissa Allison


On December 11, 2013 at noon, all students at Seton paused for a moment of silence and prayerfor God’s help to end world hunger.   Campus ministry coordinator Jan Linz, read Pope Francis’s prayer  to end world hunger.  .Students were also encouraged to bring in canned goods and non-perishable items to donate to Holy Family’s food pantry. The school collected over 250 poundsof non-perishable food items. .

According to Catholic Charities USA, Pope Francis has been responding to the crisis of world hunger and has asked people around the world  to fight hunger as “One Human Family, Food for All”. The prayer wave going on around the world was campaigned for December 10, but Seton was called off of school due to a snow day, so students participated in the global prayer wave the 11.

The Pope hopes to raise awareness about hunger all around the world. To read more about the activities going on with different parishes, schools, organizations, and agencies visit Catholic Charities USA Website and help raise awareness as well.

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