Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

By Monica Lepper


Giving is better than receiving. That may not be true for all, but for many, Christmas is that time of year where many people buy for their loved ones. Sometimes people are in a Christmas exchange with family members, others buying for their grandkids, maybe just buying because they want to appreciate someone, whatever the reason may be, Christmas gifts no matter how big or small often times bring people together. All of December and maybe even before December, involves a lot of times spent on going out to family, friends, and boyfriend’s favorite stores to buy special gifts. With all of the hectic shopping going on, there are also many sales going on as well. Whether or not one may travel all the way out to Kenwood Mall, go to the store up the street or maybe shop online, many wonderful Christmas presents can be purchased for great deals.

Senior Sydney Schultz has found many deals during the holiday season, “I always look for a deal when it comes to buying clothes, especially during the Christmas season. One website that I like buying products from is called Tobi. The entire website right now is 40% off and I have found cute clothes throughout the site. I also recently went Christmas shopping to Kohl’s with my grandma and was shocked to actually find cute clothes for a cheap price.”

Macy’s is a store that offers many deals. Their website has deals directly on their website such as $10 off a purchase of $25 dollars or more. American Eagle is also a store with many sales and coupons. Currently all jeans are under $30, sweaters are 50% off, and other items are 40% off, some excluded. Coupon codes and promos are also a good route to take. Bath and Body Works has many online coupon codes one that saves 20% off of an entire purchase. Dick’s Sporting Goods may seem expensive, but why not learn ways to save? Their website also offers many deals that Seton students may especially be interested in. A Columbia Women’s Benton Spring Full Zip Fleece originally priced at $65.00 is now $39.99. These stores are just a few of the many great deals going on in stores at this time. Take a look online or in a store, surprises may pop out.

Click below on the links below if any of the stores are of interest to check out some great deals:

Macy’s –

American Eagle –

Bath and Body Works –

Dick’s Sporting Goods –

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